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Nkoaranga Farm
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Nkoaranga Farm

Our farm is located in Nkoaranga village, Arumeru district USA River Arusha. The farm is 3 acres in total with bananas, coffee, carrot, beans and potatoes. The most available activities in the farm includes; planting, harvesting, weeding and land cultivation as the first stage during farm preparation. The most common used tools in daily general activities are hand hoes, pangas (Bush Knife) and spade. rnrnVolunteers will be working from Monday to Friday normally between 4-6 hours and few hours on Saturday only when there are important activities to accomplish with an average of 2 hours. Our accommodations are based on private rooms in the same family house both living together as one family for better daily life experience. Volunteers will share with us just the normal local food within the family (Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian) as most of the foods are available. In our farm we have domestic animals like cows, goats, chicken and cats both under family care. rnrnDuring extra hours volunteers may take time to visit Arusha National Park, Waterfalls at the lowland of Mt. Meru, Climbing the Mountain (Mt. Meru) the second highest in Tanzania after Mt kilimanjaro, coffee tour in nearby big plantations, cultural tours with the Maasai people and joining hand in our center (Tabasamu Orphanage Center)
Nov 10, 2020
cow, chicken, goats, cat
Vegetarian and non vegetarian

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