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Igamba Farm
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Igamba Farm

Our farm is located in Igamba Village, Mbozi district, New Songwe Region (It was MBEYA before). In this farm with 12 hectares we need volunteers who will help us prepare the fields, plant crops, weed the crops we planted also for irrigation. Working hours are 4-5 hours 5 days a week and weekends are free. We grow Maize, Beans, Onions, Tomatoes, Sugarcane, Cassava, Watermelons, Vegetables sun flower and Peanuts.rnVolunteers will experience using our natural foods and all visitors will be living in our special families as well as how to sleep they can sleep privately or they can share a room so long as they trust each other our environment allows. We have cows used for farming & Milk, Goats for domestic meat and sale as well plus chickens.rnOther activities in extra time at Igamba village will include; rn 1. Volunteers will be able to have a good time with the children doing various sports as well as even teaching English to children as well as other subjects in our local schools,rn 2. Visiting widows, the elderly and orphans,rnThat would be a great way for a volunteer to live a real African life with the local people.rnIgamba village has attractions of nature like mountains whereby volunteers will be able to climb Mount Igamba at the top of it you can see the landscape of Igamba village and other neighboring villages. Volunteers will be able to visit the only visible meteorite around the world except in our district 45 minutes drive by motorbike. Volunteers will also be able to visit other attractions in other districts including The bridge of God, The beautiful lake ngosi, Kijungu boiling, Matema beach, Livingstone waterfalls and so many to mention but few.rn
Nov 08, 2020
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