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Ndumbaro Farm
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Ndumbaro Farm

Ndumbaro Farm is located in Mwanamonga Village within Songea District. rnThe farm has 8 hectres in total where by mostly available crops are maize although we grow rnother crops depending on rain seasons. The farm is located just near by the river from which wernthink of including irrigation system in the near future in order to increase our productions.rnActivities available in our farm includes preparing the land, planting, weeding and harvrsting.rnMost of our activities uses local methods, whereby hand hoes and bush knives are usd the mostrnin daily activities. rnrnOur accommodations are based on private rooms within the same family house where by rnwe are mostly encouraging volunteers to live within the family and feel like one while experiencingrnthe very local life sharing cultural aspects. In free time when we have minimal activities, volunteesrnwill have time to visit lake Nyasa about 120km from the farm or near by museum about 8kmrnwith history based on Maji Maji war faught between 1905-1907 between people of South Tanganyika rnthose days with Germany during colonialism.rn
Nov 08, 2020
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