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Kisimani Farm
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Kisimani Farm

We have a 100 acres property on Mafia Island to be developed into a permaculture research institute with farm and adjecent eco lodge. We would like volunteers with interest in permaculture and who do not mind being part of a starting process in a remote but pristine area on this low tropic island. At this moment we have our permaculture teacher Tichafa Makovere on site, so it is nice when he has company and help to get things started. We need help with establishing our gardens for the first needs, build roads and help us halt beach erosion. Also we have need for people with Beekeeper skils, skills in construction especially compost toilets, horticulture and agriculture in general, Animal husbandry.
Nov 01, 2014
Goats, chickens, dog
Fish, vegetarian

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