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↓Date Added:↓2015-10-04
Farm Details:organic
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Fresh Fruits Fresh Fruits
↓Date Added:↓2015-04-26
Farm Details:Fresh Fruits
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Irene Farm Irene Farm
↓Date Added:↓2015-04-07
Farm Details:Needs updates
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Roots and Culture Farm
↓Date Added:↓2014-11-14
Farm Details:It is a family farm situated in Kikarara Village in Moshi Rural, only family members work on the farm
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Kisimani Farm Kisimani Farm
↓Date Added:↓2014-11-01
Farm Details:Permaculture Farm to be developed in a symbiotic relationship with our adjecent Eco-Lodge project
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Umoja Organic Farm Umoja Organic Farm
↓Date Added:↓2014-10-17
Farm Details:Need updates
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Marangu Organic Farm Marangu Organic Farm
↓Date Added:↓2014-09-23
Farm Details:My farm is located near Mt. Kilimanjaro gate with maize, beans, tomatoes, onions, cows, pigs and chickens. Its a family based farm.
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